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Manufacturer Product List Page

Bud's Graphics sells and services the brand name equipment you use everyday.  We accept government and school purchase orders. Order the equipment, parts, and supplies you need today using our PayPal shopping cart system. We look forward to helping you find the equipment, parts, and supplies you need. Please call us at 501-821-4579 or email budsgraphics@sbcglobal.net today for assistance.

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Astro:   Air-feed Envelope Feeders, Labeling, Tabbing, Conveying Systems
Baum USA:   Air-feed Paper Folders, Paper Drills, Paper Cutters, Scoring Machines

Challenge Machinery:   Programmable Paper Cutters, Paper Drills, Large Floor model Joggers, Round Corner Machines, Pad Equipment, Carts
Duplo:   Automatic Setting Paper Folders, Slitter/Cutter/Creaser/Perforator Equipment, Collators & Bookletmakers, Perfect Binders
Glunz & Jensen:
Computer to Metal Plate Systems for Offset Printing Presses
Graphic Whizard:
Creasing, Numbering, Perforating, and UV Coating Machines

MBM: German Built Ideal Triumph Paper Cutters, Paper Folders, Paper Shredders,
ISP/Deluxe Stitcher:    Bostitch & Interlake Floor Model Saddle/Flat Table Stitchers
Kompac:  Printing Press Water Systems
Lassco:    Round Corner Machines and Paper Joggers,
MartinYale:  Paper Carts
PAMARCO / SYNTAC: High Quality Offset Printing Press Ink & Water Rollers and Water Bottles

Press Specialties:
C-9000 Universal Envelope Feeder and Conveyor
Printing Presses: (USED) A.B.Dick, Hamada, Heidelberg QM/PM, Multilith, and Ryobi/Itek
Printers Parts: Parts for A.B.Dick, Hamada, Heidelberg, Multi, Ryobi/Itek
Rosback Company:
American Built Perforators, Scoring Equipment, 3 knife trimmers, Perfect Binders
Salco: Table top Staplers, Double Head Staplers, Staples - Flat & Crowned
Strategic Group:  Shrinkwrap machines, L-Bar Sealers, Shrink Tunnels

We Accept:



New DUPLO Autosetting Slitter/Cutter Creaser & Business Card Slitters "Click Here".   
Save time and increase productivity with the Duplo DC-616Pro, DC-646, DC-745 Automatic Slit/Cut/Crease/Perf/Strike Perf/Fold
The Swiss Army knife of paper cutters. 
These models eliminate white borders, incorrect cuts due to image drift, and cracking of digital and offset printed stocks.  Ideal for cutting business cards, brochures, christmas cards, direct mail pieces, post cards, tickets, and more. New Videos and Brochures!


Kompac Dampener pic.png (32546 bytes)New Crestline & Kompac Dampening Systems "Click Here"Crestline Dampener
 Crestline Dampening systems and new Kompac Dampening systems. 


New GLUNZ & JENSEN iCTP Computer to Plate Systems
The Glunz & Jensen PlateWriter ICTP makes it more affordable than ever to get a high quality computer to plate system.  Image directly to metal plates available in 6 gauge, 8 gauge, and 12 gauge thicknesses.  Find more information on the PlateWriter 2000 and 2400 models by clicking on the link provided above.
New Videos and Brochures!


SD533317.JPG (439668 bytes)Used Printing & Bindery Equipment "Click Here" 
Baum Autosetting Airfeed Paper Folder, Challenge 1& 3 hole paper drills, Duplo Airfeed Collator, Duplo DBM500 Stitch/Fold/Trim Bookletmaker, Duplo DC-645 Slitter/Cutter/Creaser,  Duplo DF1000 Airfeed Autosetting Paper Folder, Interlake stitchers,  and paper joggers in stock and ready to ship.  Our used equipment is cleaned and serviced.

Duplo DF-980 Paper Folder.jpg (69285 bytes)New BAUM-DUPLO-MBM Paper Folders
 Table Top & Floor Model "Click Here"

Baum 714XLT & 2020 table top and floor model air-feed paper folders
Duplo DF-980 Automatic Setting table top paper folders
All folders have a parts warranty!
New Videos and Brochures!

Paper Cutters & Automated Slitter/Cutter/Creaser "Click Here"
BAUMCUT 26.5" and 31.5" Fully Programmable Paper Cutters
CHALLENGE SPARTAN 150/185, TITAN 200/230/265, CHAMPION 305
DUPLO DC-616PRO, DC-646, DC-745 Autosetting Slit/Cut/Crease/Perf/Fold
MBM TRIUMPH 4305, 4705, 4315,4350,4850, 4860, 5255, 6655, 6660, 5551
Cutting widths from 16" up to 61"
The Challenge 3 knife trimmer is also featured on this page.
New Videos and Brochures!

New FOSTER Precision Rotary Paper Trimmers and Material Cutters "Click Here".
Wide Format Cutters and Rotary Trimmers for signs, posters, blue prints, etc.

(LJ-2) Table Top JoggerChallenge Paper Jogger.gif (30054 bytes)New Paper Joggers "Click Here"
The best paper joggers on the market!  Pictures, specifications, and pricing on single pocket, four pocket, and flat top paper joggers from Lassco, Lectrojog, and Syntron.  Larger industrial joggers from Baum and Challenge with table sizes up to 28"x40"are also listed.
We ship anywhere in the U.S.
A must have item for any bank, copy shop, print-shop, office, and mailroom!  Jog your paper before putting it in your copier to minimize paper feed jams.
New Videos and Brochures!


jfdrill.gif (33572 bytes)New Paper Drills for single, three, and five hole drilling
"Click Here"

Challenge JF, JO, EH-3C, MS5, MS10 Model Paper drills
Manual and power hydraulic models available for single or multiple hole drilling for 3 ring binders, notebooks, hospital forms, and more!  Drill multiple holes quickly and accurately through 2" of paper stock! 
New Videos and Brochures!


rhin-o-tuff plastic spiral coil pic 2016.jpg (7033 bytes)New Rhin-O-Tuff Electric Punch and Binding Machines for Comb, Plastic Coil, Twin Loop Paper, Velo Bind, and more "Click Here"
Rhin-O-Tuff Models 4012, 7000, 7700 and more
Heavy-duty built in the USA!  Information, pricing, and pdf brochures on plastic comb, plastic coil ( spiral coil), double loop wire, punching
machines and binding machines for these materials from the Performance Design Company.  
New Videos and Brochures!

New Duplo Collating / Sheet Feeding / Booklet-making Equipment "Click Here"
Create booklets, manuals, calendars, day planners, and more with the Duplo bookletmaking systems.
Duplo DBM120, 350, 600i, DBMi Collators, Automatic setting Bookletmakers and trimmers, and sheet feeders
for making booklets or collating for offline punching and binding operations. From CD size to 14"x26" letter landscape jobs, Duplo has the system to get the job done.
New Videos and Brochures!


New Graphic Whizard & Rosback Numbering, Perforating, Scoring, Slitting Equipment
 "Click Here"

Pictures, product specifications, and pricing on new Graphic Whizard numbering machines, perforators and scoring equipment.  Several models to choose from that will only number, number/perf/score/slit, and perforate/score/slit only.
Programmable and accurate table top and floor model systems.
We have added the Wizer Score/Perf and Number-Rite machines
designed for use in churches, offices, copy shops, and schools that do small projects. 
New Videos and Brochures!


New Astro & Press Specialties Envelope Feeders, Conveyors,
Labeling, and Tabbing Equipment "Click Here".

Pictures, product specifications, and pricing on Astro's top loading, bottom feeding envelope feeder, table top labeling machines, tabbing equipment, and stand alone conveyors to connect to any mailing, printing, and bindery equipment. 
New Videos and Brochures!

New MBM Paper Shredders "Click Here"
Comply with all FACTA and HIPAA regulations by shredding sensitive documents immediately in your office.  Reduce company costs by shredding your own material instead of paying outrageous  amounts of capital to shredding services.   

Destroyit brand paper shredders are built in Germany with uses high-grade, hardened steel cutting shafts backed by a lifetime warranty.  It can withstand years of heavy use with no drop-off in performance.  Shred all types and sizes of documents into pieces as small as 1/32"x3/16"
using the 2360 SMC high security shredder.

Destroyit paper shredders destroy CD's, stapled sets, booklets, paper clipped documents, file folders, binders, flat paper, crumpled paper, and more.  Shred up to 50 sheets at a time on certain models.  Pictures, product specifications, and pricing on new Destroyit paper shredders from MBM.  Desk size to large capacity shredders available with strip-cut or cross-cut shredding heads.

"New Pharmaceutical shredder shreds pill bottles, bottle caps, labels, paper, etc.  Watch the video on this page."



Link to Martin Yale 500 Stackwagon Paper CartChallenge Pak-Rak Paper Cart.jpg (33033 bytes)New Challenge Paper Carts / Padding Equipment / Perfect Binders "Click Here"
Information on new rolling paper tables, NCR padding equipment, and perfect binders.  Our paper carts hold a large amount of paper and feature handles for ease of use.

Challenge Single Cornering Machine SCM.jpg (67161 bytes)New Challenge, Duplo, and Lassco Round Cornering Equipment
"Click Here"
table top and floor model corner rounding machies from Challenge Machinery, Duplo, and Lassco.

New Sterling and Duplo Perfect Binders - Table Top & Floor Model "Click Here"
Create sports programs, school handbooks, color books, day planners, and more using a Duplo or Sterling perfect binder.
Also featured is the Challenge 3-knife trimmer.
New Videos and Brochures!

Compack 5800i Shrinkwrap machine.jpg (11453 bytes)New Strategic Group Shrinkwrap Equipment and supplies "Click Here".
Protect your printed jobs with our Compack 5800i or Sergeant 230C model shrink wrap machines. These are great machines for digital and conventional print shops. 


Ryobi32001.jpg (26597 bytes)Used Printing & Bindery Equipment Inventory "Click Here!". 
Find used A.B.Dick and Ryobi printing presses, Challenge paper cutters, Baum and Challenge paper folders, Challenge paper drills, shrink wrap systems, and much more! 

Printing and Bindery Equipment
Parts & Supplies "Click Here!"
We have parts and supplies for: 
A.B.Dick, Baum, Challenge, Duplo, Graphic Whizard, Interlake, MBM Triumph, Rosback, Ryobi/Itek, Salco staplers, Shrinkwrap machines, T-51 Colorheads, and more!
We have cutter blades, cut sticks, ink pads, ink rollers, water rollers, ink, sucker cups, switches, springs, staples, stitching wire, teflon tape, spray powder, and more!
Call us at 501-821-4579 or email at budsgraphics@sbcglobal.net if you cannot locate the item you need.


New Interthor Pallet Trucks & Thorklifts.  "Click Here"
We offer the Interthor line of pallet trucks and lifts for moving and raising pallets.  Manual and powered models available. 


UV Coating Equipment from Graphic Whizard "Click Here".  
New UV coating equipment from Graphic Whizard will protect your print and make the color "pop" off the page!. 


New Foster Color Viewing Booths and Heavy Duty Steel file storage units "Click Here".
Pictures, pricing, and product information on table top and floor model color viewing booths, file storage units, and Cd storage units.  Great equipment for commercial printers, copy shops, art departments, advertising and design firms.


"Click" on this link http://www.crestcapital.com/budsgraphics  to visit their website.  Input the dollar amount and get an instant email with lease options and payment amounts.
Use our easy on-line application on our site click on "lease application".


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