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Perfect Binders & Padding Equipment

The possibilities are endless with a Challenge, Duplo, or Sterling perfect binders and padding machines! These perfect binders and padders meet the demands of today's commercial and digital print environments.  Create your own notepads, catalogs, coloring books, employee hand books, phone books, soft back books, school programs, sports programs, NCR sets, and more! Need Help? Call us at 501-821-4579 or email budsgraphics@sbcglobal.net



Rosback Sterling 860 and 870 Perfect Binder.    " Our best selling table top perfect binder."  

Create paper back books, magazines, programs, and more! This single-clamp, hot-melt perfect binder and padding machine produces professional quality books. Push button setup allows the operator to setup the machine quickly and sensors adjust the clamp opening automatically allowing the operator to go from 2 sheets to 2" thick books.
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To operate, place a book in the clamp and the Digibinder automatically adjusts for book thickness clamping it tightly.  Place a book cover on the left side cover table.  Press the start button and the book passes over the roughing/notching saw blade and then the twin glue rollers which apply an even amount of glue to the spine of the book as it moves to the cover station.  Once the book is aligned over the cover, the cover is pressed against the glued edge and squeezed around the book.  The clamp will time out releasing the book and return to the loading station.

Great for catalogs, fiction/non-fiction books, travel guides, instruction booklets, product guides, marketing material, ticket books, coupon books, customized notepads, and more! Now you can offer your customers quick, short run, professionally bound books and personalized notepads at a competitive price.

 Here are the features of the Sterling Digibinder 860/870:
*  Maximum book thickness 2"
*  Maximum spine length 12.5"
*  Digital control panel
*  Warm-up time 30 minutes
Up to 240 books per hour
*  Adjustable glue temperature, nipper dwell time, book height for the nipper plate
*  Electrical 220 volt, 1 phase
870/Sterling Digibinder Plus model includes a dust extraction system and stand

Call 501-821-4579 or email budsgraphics@sbcglobal.net for more information.

Sterling Digibinbder 860 Perfect Binder
Buy it Now Price: $11,950.00

Sterling Digibinder 870 Perfect Binder Price: $14,950.00 includes dust extraction system and stand

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Sterling 860 Perfect Binder Brochure "Click Here"


 Duplo DB-290 Perfect Binder.  "For small commercial printers and in-plant print shops needing to bind small to medium volume perfect bound books."

The user-friendly and automatic DB-290 Perfect Binder brings professional perfect binding to your desktop. Producing up to 200 books per hour, the DB-290 is ideal for short-run, on-demand applications. 

With the automated performance and other outstanding features typically reserved for more expensive machines, this perfect binder provides centrally-located controls for single-operator efficiency. Simply place flat sheets into the clamp where pages are gripped automatically and the binding process begins. A double pass over the roughening cutter provides superior notching for superb glue penetration. Its clamping and nipping system ensure consistent square binds. 

The DB-290 Perfect Binder offers easy changeover to tape binding and two different tapes sizes are available. Other enhancements include new milling and notching blades along with a new side glue tank for improved glue application and binding. The side glue provides better adhesion and helps form the book spine. The clamp also features a newly, redesigned double rail for enhanced binding performance.

1.  Maximum book size: 12.6" x 15.75"
2.  Minimum book size: 3.15" x 1.97"
3.  Maximum bind thickness: 1.6"
4.  Glue Warm Up Time: 25 minutes ( depending on glue type)
5.  Cycle speed: 360 cycles per hour
6.  Production speed: up to 200 books per hour (depends on nip station time)
7.  Physical dimension: 46"L x 22" W x 15"H
8.  Weight: 255lbs.
9.  Power requirement: 110/120 volt ac

Price: $10,500.00

This product ships by commercial truck.

Duplo DPB-500 Automatic Setting Perfect Binder.  "Designed for commercial print shops with small to large volumes."

Loaded with features including programmable touch-screen setup, air-feed cover feeder, in-line scoring, milling station, notching , double glue drums, spine and side gluing, and more.  Operates at speeds up to 525 cycles per hour.  Includes vacuum waste removal system and vent port for glue pot fumes.  Scoring wheels and feeder automatically adjust for different book thickness.  Load and unload books from same point.

Key Features:
*  Binding thickness is 0.04" up to 2.01"
*  Book size of 4.72"x4.72" up to 14.17"x12.6"
*  Handles single and double fold sheets
*  Air feed cover station with 7.87" stack capacity
*  Speeds up to 525 cycles per hour
*  30 minute glue warm-up
*  Adjustable glue thickness
*  Dual glue rollers
*  Miss and double feed cover detector
*  Electrical requirement is 208 volt, 3 phase power
*  Dust extractor

Call 501-821-4579 or email budsgraphics@sbcglobal.net for more information.
Price: $52,000.00
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Duplo DPB-500 Automatic Setting Perfect Binder Brochure "Click Here"


Table Top & Floor Model Padding Equipment

NEW!  Challenge Handy Padder:  "Simple enough that anyone can make personalized note pads and carbonless sets."

This table top is your alternative to floor model padding equipment.  Easily sits on a table and easy to use.  Simply stack paper on the table, (up to 8,000 sheets 20#lb.), place clamp on top of paper and tighten, and remove vertical panel to apply padding compound to the paper.


bulletMaximum Lift Height: 16" / 40.6 cm
bulletMaximum Lift Width: 17-3/4" / 45 cm
bulletLift Depth: 4" to 13+" / 10 cm to 33+ cm
bulletCapacity Example: 8,000 8-1/2 x 11" 20# bond
bulletOverall Base Area: 20-15/16" / 53.2 cm
bulletOverall Height: 26-3/16" / 66.5 cm
bulletOverall Length: 17-1/32" / 43.3 cm
bulletNet Weight (approx.): 50 lbs / 22.7 kg
bulletShipping Weight (approx.): 55 lbs / 25 kg

 Buy it Now Price: $470.00

Be sure to get your Challenge Padding Starter Kit listed below to go with your purchase of this machine.
This product ships UPS.



Challenge Paddy Wagon: "A print shop favorite for decades! Designed for higher padding and carbonless set production requirements"

Custom notepads are back in style and help your customers market their business. The Paddy Wagon is a great way to produce notepads, carbonless sets, desk and wall calendars, and receipt books. The Paddy Wagon holds up to 15,000 sheets of 20# bond paper stock! Easily handles two stacks of 8 1/2"x11" paper. Loading area is 31" high by 23.5" wide.  Easy to operate and portable.  


bulletMaximum Lift Height: 31"
bulletMaximum Lift Width: 23 1/2"
bulletLift Depth: 43" to 17"
bulletCapacity Example: 15,000 8-1/2 x 11" 20# bond
bulletOverall Base Area: 30" x 30"
bulletOverall Height: 66 1/2"
bulletNet Weight (approx.): 100 lbs
bulletShipping Weight (approx.): 120 lbs

Buy It Now Price:$775.00

Be sure to get your Challenge Padding Starter Kit listed below to go with your purchase of this machine.
This product ships by commercial truck.

Photos courtesy Challenge Machinery Co.

Challenge Padding Starter Kit.
Kit includes 1 quart premium padding adhesive, padding knife, 2" pad counter, and 2" padding brush
Price: $50.00



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