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Graphic Whizard and Rosback Parts Page

Order the parts you need for your Graphic Whizard and Rosback numbering, perforating, and scoring machines from Bud's. 

We have a large inventory of parts available including ink pads, perf blades, score blades, feed tires, screw, tools, and more.  If you need further assistance or to place an order by phone, please contact us at 501-821-4579 or email at budsgraphics@sbcglobal.net .

Tell us what parts and supplies you are looking for and we will add it to our website.
Call 501-821-4579 or email budsgraphics@sbcglobal.net with subject line "please add to site" and include the part number and description.

" We service what we sell." Our on-site technicians cover all of Arkansas and parts of Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Texas.

We ship via UPS, FedEx, and US Postal.



Graphic Whizard Parts



Graphic Whizard Numbering & Perforating:
The following parts are for K2, GW3000, GW6000, GW8000, GW12000, and Finishmaster 100 and 150 models
Description and GW-Part #

  1. Red Ink Pad GW-10-001                               $12.55


  2. Black Ink Pad GW-10-002                                       $12.55


  3. Red Bottle of Ink GW-10-005                                    $19.67


  4. Black Bottle of Ink GW-10-006                               $19.67


  5. Plastic Change Stick GW-10-007                              $4.61   (used to change number wheels)


  6. 4 TPI (teeth per inch) perf wheel GW-10-092            $40.95

  7. 6 TPI (teeth per inch) perf wheel GW-10-093            $40.95

  8. 8 TPI (teeth per inch) perf wheel GW-10-094            $40.95

  9. 12 TPI (teeth per inch) perf wheel GW10-095      $40.95

  10. 42 tooth microperf wheel.  GW-10-096                      $73.75

  11. Score blade      GW-10-099                                       $39.79

  12. Slit Blade         GW-10-098                                        $39.79

  13. Black Rubber Feed Tire        GW-10-024                $21.25 each (also used in center and exit area )


  14. Set Screw for Feed/Conveyance Hub 10-025A        $1.53 each

  15. Idler Wheel Tire         GW-10-089 (perf score area) $15.20 each


  16. Feed Platen Retarding Sandpaper Strip      GW-10-021       $26.02


  17. Plastic Locking Wingnut for Paper Guides   GW-10-020      $1.68


  18. 3/32" Hexdriver Allen Wrench                    GW-10-008             $10.00

  19. 5/32" Hexdriver Allen Wrench                         GW-10-009         $12.00

  20. Accessory Holder with 12/tpi perf blade        GW-10-084      $270.20

  21. O-Ring drive belt for feed shaft on K2 Model        GW-50-024          $21.04

  22. O-Ring drive belt for feed shaft on GW3000/6000/8000 Model    GW-90-024     $23.87

  23. O-ring drive belt for feed shaft on GW12000 model                        GW-30-027     $23.87

  24. Additional numbering head with driver (standard)   $1,450.00

  25. Additional pneumatic numbering head with driver   $1,590.00

  26. Strike Perf Accessory for box tear-outs and reply cards. $740.00

  27. Reverse number head 10-012, 4.5mm (4 standard + 2 drop wheels) $765.00

  28. Forward number head 10-459, 4.5mm (1 standard + 5 drop wheels)  $765.00

    We have all parts for Graphic Whizard Machinery.  K2 parts still available with the exception of electronic boards as they are discontinued now 1/14/14.  Older GW3000/6000/8000 model machine main boards may no longer be available as of 4/12/17.

Need Help? Call 501-821-4579 or email budsgraphics@sbcglobal.net  for assistance.

Rosback Perforator Parts



Rosback Perforator Model 220 & 223 "Click on picture for larger view and parts identification."
note: tpi = teeth per inch

    Part#                            Description                                    Price
1.  RB-220-A-035       Large Primary Feed Roll

2.  RB-220-A-039      Secondary Feed Roll                 $60.00

3.  RB-220-A-036    Caliper Roller Assembly

4.  RB-220-201         Upper drive roll                             $65.00 (recommend getting two, these wheels are located on perf shaft.)

5.  RB-221-028-04   4 tpi slot perf blade                   $28.00

6.  RB-221-028-06   6 tpi slot perf blade            

7.  RB-221-028-09   9 tpi slot perf blade          

8.  RB-221-028-12   12 tpi slot  perf blade                    $28.00

9.  RB-221-277-09   9 tpi knife perf blade                  $28.00

10.  RB-1/4x20/R - S0857  Brass tip screw                   $3.92

11.  RB-220-A-110 Micro-perf heads   upper/lower (1 set) with 54 tooth blade
        Microperf Assembly for Rosback Perforators 

12.  RB-220-A-111 Micro-perf heads   upper/lower (1 set) with 72 tooth blade
        Microperf Assembly for Rosback Perforators

13.  RB-240-297-54  Micro-perf blade 54 tooth blade replacement blade       $96.00

14.  RB-240-297-72  Micro-perf blade 72 tooth blade replacement blade       $96.00

15.  RB-220-245         Vacuum caliper blade             $42.77
16.  RB-220-A-112     Slitting Head Assy. (up/low)       $285.00
17.  RB-220-A-176     TruScore (Digital) Heads (upper/lower)  $1,100.00

        for creasing digitally printed stocks. 
   Pictured at right ---->


We have all parts for Rosback equipment. 

Need Help? Call 501-821-4579 or email budsgraphics@sbcglobal.net  for assistance.

note: tpi = teeth per inch,  numbers 4,6,9,12 are upper slot perforating blades which are standard on Rosback 218, 220,223, and 226 model perforators.



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