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Updated 1/29/19  Drills & Stitchers
No Ebay junk here, we clean, service, test, and repair every machine in our warehouse to ensure you receive a quality piece of used equipment.  Most machines have a 30 day parts warranty.

      Quality pre-owned equipment continued.  We strive to make sure every machine is complete with any tools and manuals that came with it from the factory.  Click on the picture to see larger view.  We can deliver or package / crate and ship equipment anywhere in the United States!

"Free Refurbished LectroJog Paper Jogger with the purchase of any new or used 3-hole paper drill"

 Are you looking for a particular machine? We work with other equipment dealers across the country. Call us at 501-821-4579 or email budsgraphics@sbcglobal.net with the brand and model you are looking for and we will help you locate it.
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We ship via UPS, FedEx, and US Postal.






Challenge JF Single Head Paper Drill. This JF single head paper drill has been cleaned and serviced. The backgauge has adjustable stops that allow the operator to drill up to 8 holes in a single lift of paper. Drill up to 2" of paper at a time in a variety of paper sizes. The JF drill has 13 drill bit sizes available in hole diameters of 1/8" up to 1/2". Operates on standard 120 volt wall power. Comes with a new drill bit of your choice, extra drill blocks, operator manual, and drill ease sticks.
Price $350.00



Challenge MS5 5 Head Paper Drill.  This five hole paper drill has been cleaned and serviced.  It features adjustable side stops on the paper backgauge allowing you to drill multiple holes through a 2 1/2" stack of paper, booklets, calendars, or card stock.  There are 13 different drill bit sizes available from 1/8" to 1/2" in diameter x 2" in length.  There are 4 different drill bit sizes available for the 2 1/2" length including 1/4", 5/16", 3/8", and 1/2" diameter bits.  Center to center maximum is 15" and minimum is 1 7/8".  Operates at speeds up to 18 cycles per minute.  Each drill head is independently adjustable up/down and can easily be removed by two screws. 

To operate, press the green start button which turns on the main drill head motor and the hydraulic pump.  Place paper stock against backgauge, step on the foot pedal and the hydraulic pump pulls the drill heads down through the paper stock.  The speed at which the drill heads move is adjustable for different stocks and drill bit sizes used.  Operates on 220 volt, single phase power.  Includes a parts and operation manual.
30 day mechanical/electrical parts warranty.
Price: $3,995.00
"Click" on the pictures for a larger view.


NyGren Dahly 3 Hole Paper Drill.  We currently have two of these in stock.  2" Drill capacity using a variety of drill bit sizes from 1/8" up to 1/2".  Each drill head is adjustable side to side and up and down.  Can be used to drill single holes by removing two drill bits.  Side guides and back guide is adjustable.  The drill heads are gear driven for strong drilling without stalling.  Easy to use hydraulic foot pedal, simply turn on the drill, step on the foot pedal, and the drill heads move down through the stock and the hollow  bits go up through the bits and out the back of the drill into a catch box.  Each drill operates on 230 volt, 3 phase power.
$300.00 each



Paper Stitchers & Staplers

bulletInterlake S3A 7/8" 2007 model flat/saddle wire stitcher.  This stitcher looks and operates like NEW!! It was built and sold in 2007. Includes all guards for flat and saddle stitching tables that come with it plus extra formers and drivers for different thickness of paper. Great for ticket books, side stitching perfect bound books, booklets, bagged products, and more.  This heavy duty stitcher uses a roll of wire, cuts the wire to length, and forms the wire to the correct size staple for each job.  Adjustable from 2 sheets up to 7/8" thick paper stock.  Includes an adjustable backstop with the flat table.  Simple foot pedal operation.

This stitcher comes with a 9"x21" flat table, a 6"x26" saddle table, stitching wire, and an operation/parts manual.  Simple to setup and operate.  This stitcher comes with formers and drivers (f/d) for 25 gauge round wire f/d for booklets up to 1/4" thick, 20x25 flat wire f/d for books up to 1/2" thick, and 19x21 1/2" f/d for books 1/2" up to 7/8" thick.  Requires standard 120 volt wall voltage.
"Click on pictures for larger view" This stitcher sold new for $8,800.00
Price:  $4,495.00

30 day parts warranty



Ready to ship!  Interlake model A 1/4" stitcher.  Great for corner stitching, side stitching, and center stitching for booklets.  Two in stock.  These heavy duty floor model stitchers have a metal table that can be adjusted for flat or saddle stitching depending on your job.  Stitchers use a roll of wire, cuts the wire to length, and forms the wire to the correct size staple for each job. 

The stitch length is adjustable for 2 sheets up to a 1/4" thick (+/-48 sheets 20# bond).    Interlake stitchers are heavy duty and are easy to setup and operate.  They operate on standard 120 volt power.  Each stitcher includes a brand new spool of 25 gauge round wire that will turn out 53,000 staples.  Stitchers are cheaper to operate than staplers because of material costs.  These stitchers have been cleaned, serviced, and checked for proper operation.  Operation and parts manual included.  30 day parts warranty.   "Click on picture for larger view"
1 Avaiable at $800.00
30 day parts warranty.



Printing Presses & Envelope Feeders


Heidelberg Plate Punch.  This punch is in excellent condition and will work with the GTO, QM46, PM46, and BaumPrint18 printing presses.  Double horse shoe shaped notches.  Guides are self centering.  Simple to use.
Price: $300.00   PRICE REDUCED! Now $200.00
"Click on picture for larger view"



T-51 SwingAway S1 Colorhead for Ryobi 3200 press.  This used S1 model colorhead has "On the Fly" vertical and horizontal micro adjustments which provide quick set-up, and precise dot-for-dot register between the two colors when running duotones, four-color process, or heavy coverage.  Features 3 ink form rollers and 1 water form roller.  Segregated water system features an infinite moisture control and oversized distributor roller achieving 25 percent greater capacity than previous models.  The SwingAway quickly removes the colorhead from the main press to allow operator full access to the parent press when running single color and allows for quick, efficient maintenance to both units.  The colorhead is fairly clean in appearance and is in good running condition with good rollers.  We can clean the colorhead and install new rollers if preferred and a price is quoted below. (swingaway tree is with it but not pictured)
As Is Price: $2,300.00  "Click on picture for larger view"
With new rollers: $3,795.00



Shrinkwrap Systems


No available systems.


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