We have a wide selection of Foster Manufacturing Company equipment including color viewers, sheet material cutters, foamboard and acrylic cutters, wide format sheet cutters, flat file storage cabinets, and other products.  Every product has a manufacuturers guarantee.  Please let us know if you have any questions or need additional help with your selection by calling 501-821-4579 or email budsgraphics@sbcglobal.net .   The following information and pictures are courtesy of Foster Manufacturing Company.

Foster Standard Color-corrected Viewing Booth.
The Standard Color-Corrected viewing booth uses dual light sources to provide overhead illumination for viewing prints, press sheets, proofs and masters, backlit illumination for viewing film, transparencies and slides.  Consistent 5000K lighting meets graphic industry standards.  This booth is available in two sizes.
Model 35700.  Price: $2,195.00    30"x40" illuminated area,
overall size 46.5"W x 42 5/8"D x 86"H
Model 35710.  Price: $2,295.00   36"x50" illuminated area,
 overall size 56.5"W x 48 5/8"D x 86"H
(Note: Horizontal file storage not included.)
*All pictures and information are courtesy of Foster Manufacturing






Foster 12-Drawer Storage Cabinet.
Foster Ball Bearing Flat Files are a one-time investment that are impossible to outgrow. Modular design lets you stack up to three 5-draw cabinets per base.

Heavy gauge steel frame is extensively welded to re-enforce all load bearing points. Steel ball bearing suspension ensures that drawers slide smoothly and even when fully loaded. The Stamped "D" channels in drawer pan prevents sagging and buckling.

Available in Grey and Natural Beige.

   Model#          Inside Drawer Dimensions      Overall Dimensions    Price
10604-1  37"W x 24"D x 2"H  41"W x 28"D x 16"H   $1,995.00
10606-1  43"W x 32"D x 2"H  47"W x 35"D x16"H   $2,095.00
10608-1  50"W x 38"D x 2"H  54"W x 41"D x 16"H   $2,595.00
10513-1  62"W x 44"D x 2"H  65"W x 48"D x 20"H   $6,695.00
12606   Optional Base for drawers 7 5/8" high   47W x 35D x 7 5/8"H    $260.00

*All pictures and information are courtesy of Foster Manufacturing


Foster Slim Line Flat File Cabinet. 
Prevents overcrowding and speeds up filing.  Practical 1-1/8" deep drawers prevent over crowding and make it easy to retrieve valuable materials.  Drawers fully extend so you can quickly see your film, artwork, proofs, and drawings.  Each drawer comes with two label holders with pre-numbered labels and center pull.  Cabinets are available in 10 and 25 drawer models in a Grey finish only. (pictured with optional 19"H base)





   Model   Inside Drawer Dimensions   Overall Dimensions   Price
10503  43"W x 32"D x 1-1/8"H 47-1/4"W x 35-1/4"D x 40"H   $6.095.00
10506-GR  39"W x 29"D x 1-1/8"H 44-1/4"W x 33-3/8"D x 40"H  $5,895.00
10509-GR  43"W x 32"D x 1-1/8"H 47-1/4"W x 54-1/4"D x 40"H  $8,095.00

Larger File Cabinets available.  Call 1-501-821-4579 or Email budsgraphics@sbcglobal.net for more information.
*All pictures and information are courtesy of Foster Manufacturing


CD Shelf Cabinet.
When floor space is at a premium, the deluxe CD shelf cabinet can store up to 935 CD jewel cases.  Only 9"deep, each cabinet comes with 11 shelves and movable dividers.  Wall-tie is included.  Measures 36"W x9"D x 88"H.

bulletMovable divider compresses empty space and keeps CD's upright
bulletConstructed of heavy-gauge steel with multiple bends for additional strength
bulletSnap together design with no bolts or nuts to scratch your CD cases
bullet11 shelves can be adjusted in 2" increments to accommodate materials
bullet2" base provides extra protection by keeping materials off the floor
bulletCompletely enclosed sides and back safely secure all your CD's

Price: $295.00 for model 25800
*All pictures and information are courtesy of Foster Manufacturing


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