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Duplo Air-Feed Automatic Collators - Sheet Feeders - Bookletmakers - Trimmers
If your inline booklet-making system is slowing down your whole print process then replace it with a Duplo system and unleash your print speeds!

We have sold and serviced Duplo equipment for twenty eight years. Duplo gives you a great finished product in a short amount of time. Create glossy magazines, pocket guides, photo books, coloring books, sports programs, product manuals, CD books, scrapbooks, menus, year-books, directories, catalogs, calendars, and other projects. Duplo booklet-making systems are fast to setup and produce high quality booklets using check systems that include double, jam, mis-feed, and empty paper detection on each bin. Batch counting and count kickers help with boxing and job mailing requirements. Choose a collator, sheet feeder, booklet maker, or complete collating and booklet making system from our selection below. 

If you have application questions or need further information please contact us at 501-821-4579 or email budsgraphics@sbcglobal.net .Financing available from Crest Capital. Visit www.crestcapital.com and use their handy financing calculator to see several options!  "Delivery, installation, and operator training are available on all collator and bookletmaker models!"



                                                                                                                     CD/DVD/Pocket Booklets                                                        Calendars                                        Product Catalogs/Magazines/Handbooks/Applications


DUPLO DSC-10/20 Air-Feed Collating & Stacking or DSC-10/20 Air-Feed Collator/Bookletmaker/Trimmer

The Duplo DSC-10/20 is our affordable and heavy duty low-mid volume suction collating system designed for both offset and digitally printed applications. Each collating tower has 10 paper bins that handle a wide range of paper from bond to coated stocks and feeds up to 7,200 sets per hour. It can be configured with the Duplo DBM-150, 350, 600 Pro Bookletmakers and trimmers. 

Individual air separation and suction adjustments
Unique belt suction feed system for smooth feeding of coated stocks
Feeds both offset and digital print applications
Configurable with the DSC-10/20 Stacker or DCR-ST Cross Stacker 
Connects to Automatic Setting Stapler/Stitcher Bookletmaker and Face Trimmer
Handles bond, coated, and card stocks up to 300 gsm in sizes from 5.50" x 8.27" up to 12.60" x 18.11"
Key applications include: sports programs, calendars, reports, catalogs, test booklets, yearbooks, financial guides, magazines


Price: $16,800.00 as Single Tower with short straight/offset stacker
Price: $37,190.00
as Single Tower with short straight/offset stacker, DBM150 Bookletmaker, and DBM150 Trimmer  "Lease for $754.18 per month"
Price: $58,590.00
as Single Tower with short straight/offset stacker, DBM350 Bookletmaker, and DBM350T Trimmer
Price: $15,900.00
for Second Collator Tower and bridge to connect to First Collator Tower
Click here for a Brochure.      
Delivery, installation, and training available!



 DUPLO System 600i Air Feed Collator, Booklet maker, & Trimmer.

Give your customers high quality finished booklets using the Duplo 600i Air-Feed Collating and Booklet-making system.  Integrating the fully automatic DBM-600 Bookletmaker with the high speed DSC-10/60i air-feed collators, the 600i booklet system produces professional saddle, side, or corner-stitched booklets. This system can change from a CD size booklet to a popular letter-landscape booklet in less than 30 seconds. 

The 600i Booklet System can produce up to 5,200 booklets per hour or collate up to 10,000 sets per hour. Booklet production can be doubled for certain applications by using the 600i with a 4-head stitch kit and adding the DKT 2-Knife unit fitted with a gutter kit. This is a popular setup for those producing letter landscape booklets.

Key applications: Insurance applications, School hand-books, Letter-landscape  brochures, CD and pocket size booklets, calendars, corporate reports, catalogs, instruction manuals, yearbooks, magazines, and sporting programs.

PC Controller software for easy, automatic job setup
Double/Jam/Misfeed/Empty paper detection for each bin
Adjustable suction area to reliably feed small to wide paper sizes
Adjustable pile height
Total and Batch Counting
Touch Screen Programming
Intelligent Multi-bin feeding function
Configurable up to 6 towers for a total of 60 bins
Produces saddle, side, or corner stitched booklets
Create CD and pocket size booklets
Optional 3-knife trimmer

High speed and ease of operation set the Duplo System 600i apart from other collators.  The unique air-feed chamber make it possible for you to collate mixed paper sizes and weights together in the same set.  Vertical design, modular styling, and ability to handle a variety of paper types, sheet sizes and weights, give the Duplo superb versatility.  Each tower is equipped to operate independently.  Fast and simple to setup to help you produce jobs quickly and efficiently with less waste.

Duplo and Ricoh have partnered to bring the 600PRO In-line Booklet System to the market. Using the Ricoh Peripheral Interface Port (RPIP) together with the Duplo In-line Bridge (DIB-R), the 600PRO In-line Booklet System connects Duplo’s high end DBM-600 Bookletmaker to Ricoh’s PRO C9100/9110 printer - providing a heavy duty solution for high production environments. This in-line solution offers its users a hands-free bookletmaking process that eliminates touchpoints and enables printed documents to be delivered one sheet at a time directly into the bookletmaker without any manual invention required. The ability of the Ricoh PRO C9110 to print long banner sheets up to 700mm is complemented by the DBM-600’s ability to finish letter landscape (8.5” x 11”) booklets in one pass, a capability only available with this system. The 600Pro In-line Booklet System offers its users the necessary capabilities to produce professional, full-bleed applications in a single operation. Top features include the Slit/Cut/Crease (SCC) module, ASM-600 Spine Master, DBM-600T Face Trimmer, and the PC Controller software.


Price: $88,700.00 (pictured top right)  "Lease for $1,784.89 a month."
Delivery, installation, and training included.
Download a Brochure "click here"

To discuss your booklet applications and machine capabilities please contact us at 501-821-4579 or email budsgraphics@sbcglobal.net for further details
Source: www.Duplousa.com



Duplo DSF-2200 Sheet Feeder and DBM-150 Digital Booklet-Making System.

Speed up your digital printing by taking the bookletmaking requirement off-line to the Duplo Near-line finishing system.  The problem with bookletmaking on digital printers is that it is slow and limited.  The Duplo DSF-2200 & DBM150/150T is the answer to this problem for low to mid-volume printers by freeing up your printer to run full speed while taking the binding to this near-line finisher. Duplo eliminates the need to have two or three booklet-makers and the payments that go with them.

This fully integrated system accepts pre-collated sets from your Canon, KM, Ricoh, Xerox or other digital printer and staples, folds, and trims them to the correct size. The unique design of the DSF-2200 allows the operator to make books that have the cover already collated in the set or merge color covers with black and white pages to produce high quality catalogs, newsletters, and booklets.  Set integrity is ensured by set detection sensors, bar-codes, or end of set marks.  Produce personalized booklets, corner stapled, side stapled or fold only jobs with or without a cover.  Automatic changeover quickly sets up the machine for 8.5"x11", 8.5" x 14", 11"x17", and other size booklets or applications.  This system operates at speeds up to 1,720 booklets per hour. Includes PC Controller software to automatically setup the system.


Click here to download a brochure.
Price: $47,524.00 (as pictured top right)   "Lease for $960.96 a month."

To discuss your applications and machine capabilities of the DSF2200 & DBM150 please call us at 501-821-4579 or email  budsgraphics@sbcglobal.net



Duplo DSF-2200 Sheet Feeder and DBM-350 Booklet maker & Trimmer.

The Duplo DSF-2200 Digital Sheet Feeder feeds up to 200 sheets per minute, making it ideal for short to mid-volume jobs. The DSF-2200 comes loaded with a number of high-end features including Duplo's own belt suction feed system, front and side air separation, an anti-static device and ultrasonic double feed detection for enhanced feed reliability. It feeds increased paper sizes up to 14" x20" and offers a variety of options including a trail edge air kit, pre-loading kit, and 1D & 2D barcode readers.

The DSF2200 is configurable with the entry level DBM-150S booklet-maker, the mid-range DBM-350 booklet-maker, and the high production DBM-600i booklet-maker as well as the DBMS Saddle Stitcher. 

Feeds larger sheet sizes up to 24" with optional extension tray kit
Belt suction feeding with front and side air separation
Air management system
Ultrasonic feed detection of doubles and misfeeds
Anti-static device
Automatic Size Changes

The system comes with a touch screen computer to store jobs and allows fast and simple setup of the whole booklet-making system.  Glossy catalogs, operation manuals, brochures, reports, corner stapled, side stapled or fold only jobs are quickly, accurately, and professionally produced.  Automatic changeover quickly sets up the machine for a large variety of paper sizes including 6"x9", 8.5"x11", 8.5"x14", 11"x17", 12"x18", 14"x20", and specialty sizes. 

The Duplo DSF-2200 near-line system will reduce costs, reduce waste, and speed up production compared to an Inline booklet-making system attached to the printer.  This is a great fit for today's digital print shop found in commercial printing companies, insurance agencies, financial institutions, corporate in-plant print-shops, and other businesses producing documents.  

The 350 PRO In-line Booklet System is available for Ricoh PRO C9100/9110/7100/7110. The 350R In-line Booklet System is available for Ricoh 8100/8110/8120.


Click here to download a brochure.
Price: $68,854.00       "Lease for $1,387.77 a month."
Delivery, installation, and training included.

To discuss your booklet applications and machine capabilities please contact us at 501-821-4579 or email budsgraphics@sbcglobal.net for further details



Duplo DSF-6000 Sheet Feeder and DBM-600 Booklet maker & Trimmer. 

The 600i PRO Digital Booklet System is Duplo's flagship sheet feeding and booklet-making system, integrating the DSF-6000 High-Speed Sheet Feeder with the DBM-600 Autosetting Booklet-maker and Trimmer. With exceptional accuracy and automation, the 600i Pro Digital Booklet System offers the ultimate solution for converting short to long run, pre-collated digital or offset printed media into high quality booklets. 

Equipped with a technologically-advanced Air Management System, the DSF-6000 provides an unsurpassed level of high speed performance that ensures consistent feeding of a wide variety of paper types and weights, from 64 gsm to 300 gsm, at a speed of up to 600 sheets per minute. The main tray offers a loading capacity of 24” (610mm), which minimizes reloading by supporting longer run times. Three-side air separation and integrated static eliminator effectively handle the static common with digitally printed media. Optical and ultrasonic sensors accurately detect feed errors, should they occur.

Utilizing state-of-the-art technology to automate and streamline the bookletmaking process, the DBM-600 Bookletmaker requires minimal operator intervention. Users can produce saddle, side, or corner-stitched booklets as well as letter landscape applications up to 4,500 booklets per hour.


Features include:
High Volume sheet feeding and booklet-making
Feeds up to 600 sheet per minute
24" high capacity stacker
User Friendly PC Controller software
Feeds up to 14"x24" paper using the optional DSF-CFL Cover Feeder
Optional Barcode Kit ensures complete set integrity using 1D or 2D barcodes
Adapters are avaiable to adapt the DSF-6000 paper cart to the HP Indigo 5500/7000 or Xerox iGen 3/4
Optional SCC module for in-line slitting/cutting/creasing or DKT-200 Two-Knife Trimmer can be added to produce full-bleed booklets

Click here to download a brochure.

To discuss your booklet applications and machine capabilities please contact us at 501-821-4579 or email budsgraphics@sbcglobal.net for further details.


Duplo iSaddle Booklet System

The iSaddle System is Duplo’s heavy-duty, high volume collator and saddle stitcher and the first in its class to deliver the increasingly popular, letter landscape booklet. Designed to handle both traditional offset work as well as shorter-run digital jobs with equal ease and efficiency, the fully automated iSaddle combines PC-based programming and intelligent feeding with scoring and folding technology of the highest quality to produce thicker, flatter booklets up to 4,500 booklets an hour. 

What’s more, its modular design enables users to add three-knife trimming capabilities with the optional DKT-200 Two-Knife Trimmer and gutter cutter, which can also process 2-up applications, boosting its production up to 9,000 booklets an hour! Whatever your book production requirements are, the iSaddle System delivers the automation and precision needed, on demand.  



bullet Heavy-duty saddle stitcher produces thicker, flatter books
bullet First in its class to create letter landscape booklets 
bullet Handles sheets up to 14" wide and 24" long
bullet 60-second changeovers with PC Controller
bullet Standard Intelligent Multi-bin Feeding (IMBF) for custom feed jobs
bullet Optional three-knife trimming capabilities - processes 2-up applications up to 9,000 books an hour 

Call 501-821-4579 or email budsgraphics@sbcglobal.net for more details and pricing.



Duplo DFC-101 Friction Feed Collator. 

The new DFC-101 is a compact and easy to use collator. Equipped with three feed rollers and adjustable paper separators, the DFC-101 provides reliable and consistent feeding of a wide variety of fine quality, uncoated papers up to 128gsm. Each tray has double feed and mis-feed detections to ensure the accuracy of the collated set. Collated sets are delivered to the integrated stacker than can be set to straight or offset stacking. New counting modes enable the DFC-101 to be utilized as a sheet counter. The number of processed sheets is displayed on the LCD display.
Great for collating bond and NCR paper stocks.

Double feed, Empty Bin, Jam, and stacker full detection
Collating speeds up to 7,200 sets per hour
Up or Down counting modes
Individual feed rollers and adjustable sheet separator pads in each bin
User friendly control panel

$6,900.00 for the DFC-101 Collator       $344.00 for the rolling stand      Delivery, installation, and training available!
Click here for a brochure.



 Duplo Esper DM-230V Direct Mail Collator

The Esper DM-230V Direct Mail Collator has been designed to meet the growing demand for organizing assorted marketing literature. Sets incorporating a range of materials such as leaflets, brochures, and postcards can be quickly collated and wrapped around with a cover ready for distribution.

The Esper features low noise, low energy consumption, a small footprint, and 23 feeding stations. The engineering of the collator ensures accurate feeding and delivery of sets time after time. 


bullet Collates up to 9,000 sets per hour
bullet23 feeding stations
bullet Wide range of document handling
bullet Fast and simple setup
bullet Small footprint
bulletLow energy consumption
bulletLow noise


Call 501-821-4579 for pricing, availability, and application questions.




MBM iBooklet Bookletmaking System

The iBooklet is a table top manual feed bookletmaker for short run booklets. It has a build in LCD counter that clearly shows job progress and settings. In case of an error, the icon based control panel clearly indicates what has happened ( such as a paper jam or empty staple magazine) which makes it easy to diagnose and resolve issues. This tabletop bookletmaker automatically adjusts stapling and folding position according to the selected paper size. It has standard paper size buttons such as letter/legal,ledger, etc. adding to the ease of use. If custom sized booklets are needed, custom paper length is programmable by pushing the FREE button, and the +/- buttons.

The iBooklet has automatic mode and manual mode. In automatic mode, the sensor on the feeding section detects sheets fed and staples/folds automatically. In manual mode, once paper is inserted the operator presses the START button and it staples and folds. Count mode is selectable from addition to subtraction mode. After finishing a booklet, increase/decrease the number according to selected count mode. 3 modes can be easily switched: staple only / fold only / staple & fold. The iBooklet has a patent-pending stapling mechanism, which enables it to select ordinary clinch or flat clinch. Flat clincher makes booklets and documents beautifully finished and saves space. At 800 sets of booklets per hour, the iBooklet has the fastest production in its class. It handles up to 16 sheets of 20#bond in sizes ranging from 4.3"x8.25" up to 13"x18.4".

Price: $1,999.00
Click here for a brochure.




MBM StitchFold Bookletmaker with Optional Face Trimmer.

The StitchFold Booklet-maker can be connected to a collator tower or used as an offline unit to hand feed books into.  It uses Interlake Magnetek Stitch Heads to deliver larger booklet-maker performance in a smaller system.  Create up to 2300 booklets per hour and up to 65,000 booklets without replacing the wire spools.  The Stitchfold has easy to use side guides and front/back guides to quickly setup for a variety of paper sizes from 4 3/4"x8 1/2" up to 12 3/4" x 18 3/4".  The folding section uses a knife fold and two fold rollers to give crisp, consistent folds.  The exit table is motorized for smooth booklet delivery. The optional face trimmer can trim booklets up to 100 pages.  The machine top covers are clear so you can easily see the paper passing through each section making it easier to correct any setup issues.
Click here for a brochure on the MBM StitchFold Bookletmaker.
Price: $12,999.00
Price: $11,199.00 optional Face Trimmer


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