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Order your envelope feeder today and increase your shop production in 2019.

Press Specialties and Astro Envelope Feeders & Conveyors

Envelopes and cards are very popular and the best way to get maximum production from your printing press is to use a top loading, bottom feeding envelope feeder. We have Astro and Press Specialty feeders that can be used with A.B.Dick, Chief, Hamada, Heidelberg, Multilith, Ryobi/Itek, and Toko printing presses. Replace your old Sandco, Thompson, or Suspension feeder today with a new Press Specialties C9000. Press Specialties also offers universal sheet feeders for UV coaters and universal conveyors that connect with any equipment!

To order an envelope feeder, please contact us at 501-821-4579 or budsgraphics@sbcglobal.net with the brand/brands of printing press you would like to connect with.

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ASTRO 2000 Envelope Card Feeder


Astro 2000 Envelope feeder

Increase your profits when it comes to printing envelopes, cards, and tags.  Installs on A.B.Dick, Hamada, Heidelberg (printmaster & quickmaster), Multilith, and Ryobi printing presses within minutes.  Speed automatically adjusts with press speed, adjustable vacuum, adjustable push guide registration system, and top load - bottom suction feeding for continuous production.  

The rolling stand allows the feeder to be quickly unhooked and rolled away from the press when not needed.  Simple control panel with automatic and manual feeding modes.  Locking castors and a front hook plate hold the feeder in place during use.


  1. Height:  Adjustable

  2. Width:   20"

  3. Length: 30"

  4. Envelope Size:  Minimum 3" x 5"    Maximum 11" x 16 1/4"

  5. 4 Adjustable airfeed sucker feet pull envelopes/cards from the bottom of the stack

  6. Shipping Weight: 150 lbs.

  7. Power: 115 VAC 50/60 hz, ( 220 volt is optional)

  8. Optional Accessories:  Conveyor Delivery,  Auxiliary Installation Kit allows second press of the same make to use the same envelope feeder.

"Click here for the Astro 2000 brochure."

Price Range: $7,130.00 - $7,940.00 depending on press model.
 Call us at 501-821-4579 to place an order! Lead time is usually 2-3 weeks.
For a Ryobi 3200 with a T-Head you can
lease a new Astro 2000 feeder for $191.00 per month
For quotes on other press models, call 501-821-4579 or email us at




One of our most popular machines in 2017 and 2018. Start 2019 off right and order yours today!
Press Specialties C-9000 Universal Envelope Feeder.
"Our #1 selling envelope feeder!"

The easy to operate C-9000 universal envelope feeder is the perfect compliment to your offset and/or digital print shop. Combined with the D-100 universal delivery conveyor, it will allow you to position your business as a true full service printer. For more than 60 years, Press Specialties has designed and built all their reliable, user-friendly, low-maintenance feeders in the U.S.A. They feature heavy-duty thick gauge steel and tubing, and contain components from trusted and well-respected brands, ensuring replacement parts are readily available. Our high-quality equipment is easy to set-up, easy-to-service, and requires minimal mechanical changes for different stock sizes. In addition, the C-9000 lets you continuously add envelopes without ever stopping the press, therefore increasing production, and lowering labor/run time.

Feed all types and sizes of envelopes, card stocks, etc.  It will run on all presses with conventional suckers.  Since it's universal, it can be used on an A.B.Dick press one time and on a Ryobi press the next time without spending any extra money on auxiliary or conversion kits.  The top loading, bottom air-feeding design allows for high flow, non-stop production.  Single micro adjusting jogger allows for registration on your direct-feed press. 

The C-9000 feeder works on A.B.Dick, BaumPrint18, Chief, Hamada, HeidelbergQM/PM46 & GTO, Itek, Multi, and Ryobi presses with and without T-51 color-heads.  No special modifications required for those presses with swing-away stands.  It will also work with UV coating systems and other machinery that require a feeder.  The C-9000 sets up quick and rolls away when not needed.
 No special wiring or press connections required!  Recommended for the new BaumPrint18 printing press.
The feeder will also feed checks, statements, catalogs, and other items for fulfillment purposes. Please call us at 501-821-4579 regarding your application.


  1. Height: Adjustable to any press height, tilt is also adjustable for sloped press tables i.e. Heidelberg QM/PM46 printing presses.

  2. Width:  14"

  3. Length: 37"

  4. Handles Envelope Sizes: Minimum 3"x5"     Maximum 10" x 15"

  5. 9 sucker feet with individual shut-offs

  6. Locking rear castors

  7. Top Loading bottom feeding design allows for continuous production

  8. Power: 115/120 VAC ( Plugs into any wall outlet)

  9. Optional Accessories: D-100 3' conveyor with adjustable height and speed control


Price: $7,995.00  (Price is the same for all model printing presses)  Delivery, installation, and operator training are available.
Do you need equipment financing?  Use our payment calculator  "Click Here"
Replace your old Sandco, Thompson, or Suspension feeder today with a New C9000 envelope feeder.
Call us at 501-821-4579 to place an order! Lead time is usually 2-3 weeks.

Optional Conveyor shown below $1,995.00



Press Specialties Conveyor can be used with any equipment!

The Press Specialties Conveyor has state of the art controls.  Strong motor for slow or fast speeds.  Works great with printing presses, paper folders, inserters, numbering machines, mailing equipment, and other equipment.  The stacker wheel assembly is adjustable for envelopes, cards, and paper.  Operates on 120 volt power with a simple on/off, speed control knob.  Increase your productivity with one of our conveyors today!  Call 501-821-4579 to order or email budsgraphics@sbcglobal.net .

D-100-115 Adjustable conveyor.  This 36" long conveyor has adjustable height and speed.
Price: $1,995.00




Press Specialties Universal Sheet Feeders. These feeders work with a variety of machines including UV coaters.

User Friendly to accept most sizes of stock without adjustments
Easy and quick to setup between different paper sizes
All around sheet blowers
State of the art touch screen controls
Patented sheet seeking suckers
Powder coated, Heavy Duty 2" square tubing frame with 3/16" side plates
Optional built in counter
Top quality vacuum pump by Becker

Specifications:      UF-2020                     UF-3040                     UF-4030
Minimum sheet size 5"x7"                           8 1/2"x11                     8 1/2" x 11
Maximum sheet size: 20"x20"                     28"x40" portrait          40"x28" landscape
Paper weight 20# bond to 22pt. cover
Pile height 18"
Electrical: 115v - 20 amp
Speeds up to 5,000 sph depending on sheet size
Conveyor height 38 1/2" from floor


Call 501-821-4579 to discuss your applications.

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