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"It's time to come out of the darkroom and into the light."

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Computer to Metal Plate Systems from Glunz & Jensen

 Simplify your plate making process and eliminate costly chemicals! 

Since 1973, Glunz & Jensen has developed, manufactured, and marketed equipment for the prepress industry. Their product range covers almost all equipment used in prepress for offset printing in modern printing companies.  The PlateWriter series 2000, 2500, 3000, and 3600 models offer affordable metal plate CTP solutions that are environmentally friendly and use no processing chemicals.

The Glunz & Jensen PlateWriter iCTP computer to metal plate systems bring you out of the dark room and into the light.  PlateWriter iCTP reduces  print job costs by eliminating film, eliminating developing and processing chemicals, eliminating UPS Hazardous shipping charges, eliminating chemical disposal costs, eliminating special dark room space, and reducing labor costs.  Eliminate these costs and put that money back in your business. 

On this page, we have an Adobe pdf. with a cost analysis for producing metal plates on a PlateWriter system for different size presses in one to four color configurations.  Since conventionally grained aluminum plates do not have thermal or light sensitive coatings, the PlateWriter can be place anywhere in the shop. No dark room required!  The PlateWriter 2000 and 3600 models use powerful Harlequin RIP technology allowing your Mac or PC to print directly to a metal plate like a normal desktop printer prints to paper.

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Glunz & Jensen PlateWriter 2000 model

The 2000 is designed to simplify your metal plate-making process, reduce costs, eliminate chemicals and film, and give you sharper print.  The 2000 model will do conventional and stochastic (AM and FM) screening and will handle plate sizes from 8" x 11" up to 18.1" x 24" with a maximum image area of 17" x 24" .  This is a perfect fit for print shops that have A.B.Dick 360, 9800/9900 series presses, Heidelberg QM46/PM46 and GTO series presses, Ryobi 2800/3200/3302 series presses, and more.  The 2000 model has two imaging resolutions 1440 x 1440 and 2800 x 2800 dpi to deliver ultra high definition for high quality printing.  Plate run lengths up to 50,000 impressions!  Stochastic screening optimized for iCTP ensure moire free prints.

To video below will show you how the PlateWriter 2000 operates.  To use, place a metal plate onto the alignment table and the PlateWriter automatically loads the plate and uses the optical sensors to detect the lead edge and check for skew, ensuring plate registration.  Once a job is released from the RIP workstation, the PlateWriter uses high definition inkjet technology to jet a patented Liquid Dot chemical solution onto the plate.  Once the plate exits the print station, it is placed in the integrated finishing unit located below the print station to finish the plates by bonding the dots to the plate surface and automatically gumming the plate.  The plates can be sent to press or stored in a job file.  No special fountain solution required so you can use your existing fountain solutions and inks.

The tight registration from plate to plate reduce make ready time by reducing/eliminating horizontal/vertical/twist adjustments between print units.  The PlateWriter 2000 has it's own computer and monitor with a visible job que.  Jobs can be sent to the PlateWriter 2000 from any computer in the shop and the pressman can print his own plates and easily make additional plates if needed.


Summer Special Price: $19,500.00 with Free Shipping, Installation, and training.

Availability: As of March 8th, 2019 lead time is 6 weeks. If you plan on purchasing a PlateWriter2000 this year you need to keep this in mind as lead times could lengthen because of strong sales of this unit.

To Order call us at 501-821-4579 or email budsgraphics@sbcglobal.net.
"Click here" for a product brochure on the PlateWriter 2000 model.

"Click here" for a brochure about sample job costs using the 2000.


Glunz & Jensen iCTP 3600 PlateWriter System.

The PlateWriter 3600 Pro is based on a new technology that takes inkjet platemaking to a completely new level in productivity and usability.   The PlateWriter 3600 Pro is based on the well known and stable solvent ink technology (same as used in the PlateWriter 2000/2400 systems) ensuring increased stability and reliability in day to day production operations. 

Furthermore the PlateWriter 3600 Pro is introduced in a modern design with easy access for cleaning and maintenance. This makes the user experience even better than the earlier PlateWriter models. PlateWriter 3600 Pro is an enhanced format model offering landscape plate loading for an even higher throughput speed. The PlateWriter 3600 Pro is suitable for 2-up, 4-up and 8-up press formats up to 915 x 1140 mm (36.0 x 44.9”) plate sizes. Glunz & Jensen has been leading the inkjet CtP market for more than 10 years now, and sets the standards within today’s inkjet CtP development with nearly 2,000 installations worldwide.
Space saving & affordable PlateWriter™ is an affordable, inkjet Computer to Plate system which produces press ready aluminum plates without the use of chemical processing in daylight operation for commercial printers and small newspaper applications. This small footprint CtP solution is completely self contained and its chemical free approach means no additional equipment (such as plate processors or washout units) is required. Digital & semi-automated PlateWriter™ produces digital CtP plates, which delivers accurate registration and high quality for process color jobs. 

In addition, the semi‐automated plate registration system provides a versatile plate handling approach so multiple plate sizes and gauges can be used in parallel, with no changes. This makes the Glunz & Jensen PlateWriter™ ideal for printers with one or more printing presses. Inkjet technology delivers plates without chemistry PlateWriter™ applies a Liquid Dot™ image on to non photosensitive aluminum printing plates. The imaged plates are manually fed through the integrated finishing unit that dries the plates and bonds the liquid dots to the plate surface, making them capable of printing more than 50,000 impressions on press. Benefits the environment The PlateWriter™ has the lowest energy usage in its class vs. laser based systems, and it eliminates water usage, chemicals and disposal costs commonly used in traditional platemaking methods. The PlateWriter™ provides substantial long term cost savings, while being environmentally friendly.


Summer Special Price: $31,995.00 with Free Shipping, Installation, and training.
To Order call us at 501-821-4579 or email budsgraphics@sbcglobal.net.
Click here for a brochure on the PlateWriter 3600.


The PlateWriter series of iCTP - PlateMaking costs.  

The PlateWriter  systems have plate sizes for A.B.Dick, Chief, Hamada, Heidelberg, Itek, Komori, Man Roland, Multilith, Ryobi, and T-51.  Here is a link to a Adobe pdf. file with sample print jobs and the costs associated with making a plate using the PlateWriter system. 
"Click Here for iCTP PlateMaking Costs"

These aluminum metal plates can even be gummed and reused.  Recycle these aluminum plates and use the money for more plates!  If you have questions about plate costs, PlateWriter machine specifications, etc, please contact us at 501-821-4579 or email budsgraphics@sbcglobal.net .


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