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UV Coaters - Feeders - Stackers

We offer the American Ultraviolet Brand of AUV Coaters. These machines are built here in the USA and all technical support is US based. We have several UV models to choose from as well as a feeder and stacker for these systems. Give your customer jobs the "POP"  to get them more business!

Please review the information below and call us at 501-821-4579 or email budsgraphics@sbcglobal.net with any questions you have. We look forward to helping you with your coating needs.



AUV-Coat Made in the USA

The American Ultraviolet AUV-Coat Series of roll coaters are built in the USA. They can be set up with one to three separate UV tanks and pumps (optional) for coatings and wash and they run up to 3/8" thick substrates. AUV coaters will coat paper, PVC, and board stocks printed on offset presses, inkjet, Canon, HP, Kodak, Konica Minolta, Heidelberg, Ryobi, Xerox, Presstek, Ricoh, and more.

The AUV-Coat coater is available in the following sizes:

  1. AUV 16 - an economical low cost UV coating machine with no bells or whistles, though it is available with a vacuum feeder
  2. AUV 20/25/30 and 40" models are UV coaters available with and without feeders and stackers; AUV 25/30/40 have a touch screen control panel
  3. AUV 52 roller coater comes standard with a Linear Measurement System for ease of substrate change and exact digital calibration to applicator roller; an adjustable IR chamber to UV source for optimum flow control; and 1" thick substrate capabilities with 2 recirculating pumps.


Coater Features:

bullet3 roll, roller coating system (1 Chrome Metering; 1 Chrome Impression; 1 Specialized Rubber Applicator Roll)
bullet Aqueous coating and UV coating capabilities with purchase of additional AQ rubber roller
bulletEasily removable applicator roller for change over from UV to aqueous coatings
bulletClosed loop coating recirculation system reduces the chance of cross contamination of coatings (option of a dedicated wash tank and pump)
bulletInterlocking safety guards on covers and doors
bulletAdjustable head up to 3/8" substrate thickness
bulletAvailable with or without feeders and stackers (can be easily added in the future)

Conveyor Features:

bulletAdjustable speed from 40 to 200 FPM
bulletCustom light shielding prevents light leakage and exposure from high intensity UV light.
bullet3 x 1,500W infrared lamps for curing AQ coatings; adhesion enhancement of wax toner prints; and coating flow-out assistance (AUV 25/30/40)
bulletHigh and low wattage settings for the UV lamp (300 and 200 watts per inch)
bulletIntegrated safety switches on covers and doors
bullet2 x 1,500W infrared lamps for curing AQ coatings; adhesion enhancement of wax toner prints; and coating flow-out assistance (AUV 16/20)

AUV Coater Model Specifications:

Model: AUV-Coat 16 AUV-Coat 20 AUV-Coat 25 AUV-Coat 30 AUV-Coat 40 AUV-Coat 52
Coater Only Dimensions 
(L x W x H)
86.5" x 38" x 46" 84.5" x 38" x 46" 123" x 52" x 46" 123" x 57" x 46" 155" x 67" x 46" 137.75" x 87" x 47"
Coater + Feeder + Stacker Dimensions 
(L x W x H)
n/a 128.5" x 46" x 46" 166" x 52" x 46" 186" x 57" x 46" 246" x 67" x 46" N/A
Max Sheet Size w/Feeder 
(W x L)
16" width x any length 
(feeder n/a)
20" x 24" 24" x 30" 30" x 40" 40" x 30" 50" width (feeder N/A)
Electrical Requirements 208-240V, 1, 40A 208-240V, 1, 40A 
+15A w/Feeder
+10A w/Stacker
208-240V, 3, 60A 
+20A w/Feeder
+10A w/Stacker
208-240V, 3, 75A 
+20A w/Feeder
+10A w/Stacker
208-240V, 3, 125A 
+20A w/Feeder
+10A w/Stacker
208-240V, 60Hz, 3Ph, 150Amps
Minimum Stock Thickness 100# text 100# text 100# text 100# text 100# text 100# text
Maximum Stock Thickness 30pt cover 3/8" thick substrate 3/8" thick substrate 3/8" thick substrate 3/8" thick substrate 1" thick
Linear Measuring System
n/a Optional Optional Optional Optional Standard


American Ultraviolet company information. American Ultraviolet has been involved with UV since 1960. We provide superior state-of-the-art equipment that is made in the USA. We strive to provide our customers with unmatched technical service and support. Of course we build excellent UV coater machines, but it's the superior customer support we offer that has been the missing link to many printers who have experienced UV/AQ coaters in the past.

At American Ultraviolet, we assist through every step of the coating process. With digital printing, there are many challenges in matching the right UV coatings for printing with the right print to achieve good lay downs, good adhesion and high gloss levels. American Ultraviolet will help you achieve your goals. On the commercial printing side, where there are many coatings available, we know you're looking for low cost and mileage.

Here are a few more reasons to invite us to join your team:

bulletMade in the U.S.A.
bulletMany sizes and packages to meet different print shop needs; custom solutions available
bulletTight tolerances to achieve smoother, glossier, lay-downs
bulletEasy touch screen control functions with manual switching where needed most (coating head); Touch screen available on AUV-Coat 25/30/40
bulletProper rubber used on rollers
bulletCoater/UV/IR all-in-one with caster wheels for easy mobility
bulletElliptically-focused reflector for maximum energy output with lower energy consumption
bulletVariable temperature infrared lamps with forced air cooling for better temperature transfer
bulletCool UV option to reduce substrate temperature for temperature-sensitive toners
bulletProcess support on all types of coating solutions
bulletOperator safety is enhanced by guards/light shielding/proper label information

Please contact Bud's Graphics Sales & Service at 501-821-4579 or email budsgraphics@sbcglobal.net for pricing,

delivery, training, and to discuss your applications.



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