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"Protect your company and customer information with the Destroyit paper shredder."

Destroyit 2604 cross cut is a security level P-4 rugged paper shredder designed to stand up to the rigors of today's office environment.  Unlike cheaper "office superstore" shredders, the Destroyit brand uses high-grade, hardened steel cutting shafts backed by a lifetime warranty.  It can withstand years of heavy use with no drop-off in performance.

 The destroyit paper shredder  is mounted on rolling castors for mobility and easily fits beside a desk, copier, or printer. Great for general document shredding of letters, documents, statements, envelopes, cards, reports, etc.  The 26 gallon collection bag in the bottom of the cabinet holds a large amount of shredded paper.

Easy on/off photocell operation and a large waste collection bag.  Hardened steel cutting shafts handle staples, paper clips, CD's, ID badges, and credit cards.  Automatic shut off in case of a paper jam.  The shredded paper is recyclable and could earn you extra money from paper scrap buyers.

Features and Specifications:

  1. Easy Switch control element uses color codes and back-lit symbols to indicate operational status
  2. Automatic start/stop by photocell activation
  3. Automatic stop when shred bag is full
  4. High quality wooden cabinet mounted on casters
  5. Fully enclosed, dust-proof gearbox housing
  6. Shredding Capacity: Drop in  20-22 sheets at one time (may vary with stock thickness)
  7. Shred size: 3/16" x 1 1/2"
  8. Speed: 30 ft./min
  9. Feed opening: 10 1/4" wide
  10. Electrical: 115/120 volt ac
  11. Shipping weight: 123lbs.
  12. Physical size: 18 1/2"deep x 22 1/2" wide x 36 1/2" high


Stop paying outrageous amounts for a shredding service. 
Consider the costs.  Outsourcing shredding is a constant expense which will never decrease. Inevitable economic factors will take their toll on the shredding service, and these costs will get passed on to you.

Outsourcing costs include:

bullet• rising gas prices (fuel surcharges)
bullet• truck and equipment maintenance
bullet• higher labor costs
bullet• increases in liability insurance premiums
bullet• inflation

Return On Investment:  In many cases, a company can purchase a Destroyit shredder(s) capable of handling all their shredding needs for less than the cost of using a shredding service for a single year. With over 50 models to choose from in six security levels, there’s a Destroyit business shredder to fit every application and budget.

Price: $2,549.00
Your cost: $2,166.00
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Download a pdf. brochure of the 2604 shredder "click here"


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